Interviewing after a Childcare Break?

The critical component of success in interviews for re-entry is to be self-assured and project confidence in your career decision to stay home with your children. How do you project that confidence? The key is to hold your head high and don’t apologise.

Never apologise for staying home!

Explain with confidence that you stayed home because it was the best decision for your particular family and that you are now eager to re-enter the professional workforce.

Prepare with Confidence

For a successful interview, not only will you need to project confidence about your decision to stay home, but also in your professional qualifications and ability to do the job. You will need to be up-to-date in both technology skills and industry information. You don’t want to re-enter the job market wondering why everything has changed. You can get information by conducting online and offline research, networking and possibly taking short courses.

Don’t be surprised by such trivial things as new dressing conventions, emailing instead of talking, and general new business jargon.

 You might consider taking a few friends or former colleagues out to lunch and asking them directly: "What’s new in our industry?" and "What do you think I need to know?". Be sure to also lurk on relevant social media, including LinkedIn.

You will also develop confidence by researching a prospective company, which in turn will enable you to express industry and company knowledge during an interview.

Speak Confidently 

At your interview, be sure to project confidence by speaking clearly. For some people, this can be very difficult because they may feel very nervous. The key is PRACTICE. For most people, interviewing is a learned skill and does not come naturally. You can practice interviewing in front of the mirror; by recording yourself on your phone; or asking a friend to role play the interview.

It’s important to practice many times so that the interview will seem natural to you.