Long time since your last Interview?

  1. temp Agencies

    Register with temp agencies in your local area. If you get work through a temp agency, it helps build your CV for future work assignments.

  2. Accept Interviews

    Accept an interview, even if you don't plan to accept the job if it’s offered. You need practice job interviews in actual situations. Interviews with friends and role-playing interviews are not the real thing. You don't want to go to your first job interview in a long time with the employer you are really interested in working for and make easily correctable mistakes. If possible get some professional interview coaching.

  3. Rewrite CV

    Consider having your CV rewritten or updated by an expert. The CV you used years ago is no longer appropriate.

  4. Consulting or Project work

    Tell the employer you are willing to start working as a consultant or on a project basis when applying for a job. This often gives you a leg up on younger workers who are often unable to accept this kind of employment. Temporary employment or working on a consulting basis can often lead to full-time work if that’s what you are seeking.

  5. Research

    Get information on the prospective employer prior to your interview. In addition to desktop research, mine your personal and professional networks for relevant contacts.

  6. Small Companies

    Look into smaller companies. Smaller employers are often more open to employing older workers.

  7. Volunteer

    Volunteer with a charity or non-profit. Although in most cases there is little or no monetary compensation, this is often excellent experience and can possibly lead to employment with a firm seeking that particular experience or that appreciates your work ethic. It is also easier to find employment while you are working (including while you are volunteering), since you have a better mindset.