“Prepare for confidence”

Whatever your length of time out of the workforce, the first job application and interview are understandably stressful! First things first, do not be apologetic for taking a childcare break. Employers will however expect you to have kept up-to-date with any developments in technology, your profession, and/or industry. The nature and style of interviews may also have changed while you have been out of the job market. We will help you overcome these challenges and enable you to present yourself confidently at interview.

Unstructured or Competency-Based

Whatever the proposed interview format, we will help to review the job specification and your CV/application form; and anticipate and prepare for questions that will most likely come up at your interview.

At the end of your appointment you will:

  • Be confident

  • Be able to structure your approach to preparing

  • Identify your current skills and strengths and how they align to the role requirements.

  • Understand the competency-based interview process

  • Know how to prepare effective answers

  • Be able to deal with probing questions

  • Be prepared for the interview opening and closing