“Be prepared for your competency-based interview”

  • Public Sector interviews are formal in structure and process

  • There is always an interview panel of two, three or more members

  • There will also be a scribe to take notes

  • Public Sector interview panels do not encourage candidates to be ‘rehearsed’, indeed this may work against you

  • Candidates need to be prepared to conduct a natural flowing interview, but to have key points they wish to stress to aid their candidacy

Competency-based interviews are the norm for public sector and civil service interviews. This type of interview is highly structured and very difficult to succeed at without preparation. The good news is that this type of interview affords the candidate an opportunity to match their skills, experience and personal attributes to the requirements of the role. Preparation gives you the best chance to perform well at interview.

Preparation will allow you to present your best self in a natural and conversational way.

Competency-Based Interviews

During your appointment we with us, we will review your Application form. If you have already submitted the form online, we will discuss the examples you have given and help you to articulate them in a time-pressurised environment.

If our appointment with you is prior to your completion of this online form, then we will help you to select the most relevant examples under each competency and present them in a concise and focused way.

Remember it is this application form that forms the basis of shortlisting so it is well worth putting in a lot of effort into its completion.

At the end of your appointment you will:

  • Understand the competency-based interview process

  • Get assistance with the completion or review of the online application form where required

  • Identify your current skills and strengths and how they align to the role requirements

  • Be able to present your best-self. This means helping you in a concise and focused way to outline your experience and how it aligns with the requirements of this role

  • Know how to prepare/refine your answers for each competency

  • Be prepared for probing questions

  • Get advice on a strategy for the all important interview opening and closing