“First interview in a long time?”

Many people today want to stay employed after ‘retirement’; be it part- time or full-time, directly related to their profession/skill-set, or indeed the forging of a new path in the third act of their lives. The reasons behind this decision could also be many including wanting to stay connected, keeping intellectually stimulated, or perhaps needing to supplement a pension. Whatever the reason, it will likely be a long time since you either applied, or were interviewed, for a new job!

Competency-Based Interviews

Many interviews are now competency-based. We will help you prepare your structured answers for typical competency-based questions. We will explain what a STAR is, and what the interviewer is looking for in your answers. We aim to ensure that, whatever the interview format, you will not be faced with any surprises on the day!

At the end of your appointment you will:

  • Be able to structure your approach to preparing

  • Understand the competency-based interview process

  • Identify your current skills and strengths and how they align to the role requirements.

  • Understand what a STAR is

  • Know how to prepare effective answers

  • Be prepared for the interview opening and closing